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Welcome to the NIB Trust Fund!

The Call for Individual Applications is now closed.

Please Note:
- Do not wait until deadline day to start your online application as we anticipate that it will take up to a week to complete your online application.
- Our ability to assist you with your application may be difficult the last few of weeks before the deadline, due to the high volume of telephone calls and emails.

Deadline for applications is June 7, 2019 5:00PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)** 
British Columbia (Pacific Daylight Time) PDT: 2:00pm
Alberta (Mountain Daylight Time) MDT 3:00pm
Saskatchewan (Central Standard Time) CST 3:00pm
Manitoba (Central Daylight Time) CDT 4:00pm
Ontario (Eastern Daylight Time) EDT 5:00pm
Quebec (Eastern Daylight Time) EDT 5:00pm
Nova Scotia (Atlantic Daylight Time) ADT 6:00pm
New Brunswick (Atlantic Daylight Time) ADT 6:00pm
Prince Edward Island (Atlantic Daylight Time) ADT 6:00pm
Newfoundland and Labrador (Newfoundland Daylight Time) NDT 6:30pm
Northwest Territories (Mountain Daylight Time) MDT 3:00pm
Yukon (Pacific Daylight Time) PDT 2:00pm

**Late Applications will not be accepted.

What you can apply for:
Scholarship - University or College Program
i.e. Bachelor or Master Degree, Nursing, Law, Aboriginal Studies.
Bursary - Certificate or Training
i.e. Trades, Education training, Cégep, Adult Education, Professional Courses.
Award - Traditional and Cultural Knowledge Building, Healing or Life Skills programs
i.e. Language, Ceremonies, Healing

** The Individual call for applications is a highly competitive process and funding is not guaranteed. **


The Call for Group/Organization application is closed.  The next call for Group/Organization applications will be available in the November 2019.